Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why does no-one remember these things but me?

A very quick list of stuff only I seem to remember. Whenever I bring them up people just stare blankly at me

  • The New Shmoo - WTF! Is this some sort of crazy sperm with legs or what?

  • Watoo Watoo - A bird from outer space...I kid you not.

  • Ludwig - A crystal egg with robotic arms and legs. Good grief I need to go lay down for a bit.

Later peoples

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thank You

A quick thanks to Mrs Cheesecake and her mad Photoshoppy skills in creating the blogs new banner. Thanks missus!

Also a big pat on the back for passing your final exams. Mrs Cheesecake fuck yeah! Well done sweetheart. Very proud

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Best on the Box

As ever I have been pondering the mysteries of the universe and as ever I got distracted by the evil telly box in the corner of the living room. On any given night there is some fine viewing options that warrant your attention dear reader. In no particular order I'll give you a run down of some that I consider highlights. Now I could wax lyrical about the 'boob tube' (as our American cousins call it) till the cows come home but I am going to set myself some strict limits. I am only going have entries on the list that are currently being broadcast.

  • Being Human - Best British series of the moment bar none (I'm looking at you Dr Who). A vampire, a ghost and a werewolf sharing a house. Funny, creepy, sad and moving all in one go. I was fortunate to see the pilot episode last year on BBC3 and I think that the series has continued in the same vein (excuse the pun) and is starting to develop into something which is constantly gripping to watch.

  • Lost - Ok so it confusing. Every episode leaves us with more unanswered questions than answers but we all keep coming back for more don't we? It's always nice to see Jim Robinson continuing to get work.
  • Hustle - Adrian Lester back where he belongs in series 5. On yer bike Marc Warren (your in everything else anyway!). I read this morning that there will be a series 6 coming soon. Good times.
  • Demons - Not bad for a first series. I think it has a way to go yet but bring it back ITV and we'll give it a chance. Put it this way. No worse than Primeval and that's coming back for a third series. Oh I just spotted two Glenisters on one list... crazy!
  • Battlestar Galactica - Consider the 70's version of this show and then compare it against what we get now. Insightful political drama, action by the bucketload and more twists and turns than a man trapped in an automatic pretzel making machine....hmmm pretzels
  • 24 - 7 years in and The Jack Bauer Power Hour still going strong. Lets be honest though Jack's a bit of a fucking jinx isn't he. Whenever he shows up things invariably explode. If I did that at work they wouldn't let me in the office.

  • A Town called Eureka - Fun show. bit less heavy going than some of the other genre TV on the list but that ain't a bad thing.

Ok so I might have cheated a little. I know Hustle and Demons have just finished their respective series runs but they were both worth including and like I have said before My Blog My Rules.

Well do you agree or not? Answers on a postcard. Oh and for those that took part last time I have created a new poll. TV related so as to be in keeping with the theme of this twaddle.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pablo Cheesecake:Warzone

So this afternoon I went to the movies and saw Punisher:Warzone. None too shabby. Now don't get me wrong I wasn't expecting Citizen Kane and that's not what I got. Instead I got some nice stylized hyper-violence and the ocassional flash of blacker than black humor.

In previous versions that have been brought to the screen the character of the Punisher has been a bit less than intimidating. The Punisher is meant to be intractable, monosyllabic and withdrawn. There should be glimmers of humanity but only very small hints that this man once had a life. In my opinion Dolph Lundgren and Thomas Jane were just a bit lacking. Ray Stevenson however is pretty damn near perfect. Mrs Cheesecake made a good point that Ray looks better as the Punisher than as pre-trauma Frank Castle. I've been a fan of Mr Stevenson's work since the tv series Rome and it is nice to see him moving into movies.

The other actors in the film all looked as though they were having fun hamming it up outrageously.

Dominic West - Who'd a thunk it from Oliver Cromwell to Jigsaw in one easy jump.

Doug Hutchinson looks like he was having a blast as 'Loony Bin Jim'.

It was nice to see that for a change the mighty Colin Salmon survived till end of the flick. Looking forward to Doomsday Colin!

The SFX were good. Lots of gore (Special mention has to be made to the inventive coming together of a free-runner and a rocket launcher).

In conlusion I would be happy to pay may hard earned to go see another movie with this particular Punisher in it. My brain didn't have to work to strenously and when I left the theatre I felt the warm fuzzy glow of being entertained.

Good Work Fella!

Till next time


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow Day and a perfect sandwich

So the UK has been brought to a standstill by the inclement weather. Good times - I got out of work 2½ hrs early :) Bad Times - Turns out there is a hole in my shoe and my sock got extremely wet :(

On a more positive note this evenings bill of fare will include the best sandwich known to man. That's right Fish Finger!!!! Truly this sandwich is the work of some higher power.

Look at this thing of beauty! Oh and the ketchup is mandatory not optional. If you want to mix things up a little I would suggest Birdseye Fish Fingers with a hint of lemon and Heinz Tomato Ketchup with Sweet Onion. This combination is the work of genius. I challenge anyone to come up with a better sandwich than this. I do not think it possible.

Forward to the weekend and some extreme brain candy is required. I reckon Punisher: Warzone might just fit that criteria. As long as there are explosions and stylized hyper violence I will be a happy bunny.

Until the next episode of mindless drivel


Monday, February 2, 2009


Yes my typing is abysmal and my spelling is crappy but I use the blog to vent my spleen so sometimes might get a bit carried away with myself. Anywho I have amended all the mistakes in my last post.

Also I want to try this Foxy Tunes dohicky that is now available. Lets see if she works! Hopefully!!

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