Friday, June 26, 2009

On the Road - Day 5, 6 and 7

We moved on to Penzance and after taking a quick wonder round the town we moved on to St Michael's Mount. The weather was again was great and we spent our afternoon wondering around the castle, gardens and enjoying a Cornish cream tea al-fresco.

By day 6 Mrs Cheesecake and I were starting to feel strain of our constant traveling so decided to stay in Flamouth for the day. We shopped extensively and Mrs Cheesecake picked up some bargain Doc Martens! Lilac patent boots! She even managed to blag a child size as she has tiny feet. We also popped to the local cinema and caught Transformers 2.

Our final day saw us visit the very southern tip of Great Britain. I looked forward to seeing Land's End and I wasnt disappointed. There was even a Doctor Who exhibition.

This little holiday has proven to me what I already suspected. The UK has some fantastic places to see and it is wholly worthwile seeking them out.

Later peeps
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the Road - Day 3 & 4

As I mentioned in my last post we had decided that we would check St Ives on the 3rd day in Cornwall. We arrived earlier and wondered about looking in all the shops. There were a number of pasty shops so around lunchtime I sampled the delights of cheese and bacon in a pasty format. I reckon that by the end of the week my waistline will have reached some kind of critical mass.

After pasty nirvana we headed to the beach. I have to say that the beach at St Ives is pretty spectacular. The sand is very fine. The water a lovely blue. So much so that I ended going swimming and burning my feet really badly laying about in the sand.

Day four started with trip on a speedboat which was exceptionally cool.

We were hoping to see some local wildlife but all was quiet. The journey was great though.
After the excitement we moved on to Pendennis Castle. This fantastic location offered fantastic views of Falmouth and the rest of the coast.

Tomorrow Penzance !

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

On The Road – Days 1 and 2

As promised to all those back in the office. I told you I would blog. Please sit back and enjoy my insights into Cornwall and all the joys there are to behold.

Falmouth a very large natural harbour and very busy by modern standards. It splits quite nicely between the industrial and the traditional.

When we arrived on Saturday lunchtime Mrs Cheesecake and I had the opportunity to explore the old streets and discovered quickly that almost every potential cuisine is available. My quest for the perfect Cornish Pasty had begun!

Day Two saw our first proper expedition. We hit the road after a hearty full English and headed for surfer’s paradise, Newquay. Again the weather has been good and I fear I may burn. I had the opportunity to have my first pasty for lunch today. Steak and Stilton. A winner! I have heard a rumour that there is a pasty shop in St Ives where you can buy a pasty that can be worn like a hat. Can you guess where I am going tomorrow.

We checked out the beach which has a crazy Bond style house sitting on top of a cliff that can only be accessed via suspension bridge. I even had the chance to for a bit of a paddle. Water as expected feckin freezing.

We also headed to the Blue Reef Aquarium and got the see all the cool fishes and some really fuckin fuggly ones too.

As an aside on our way between Falmouth and Newquay Mrs Cheesecake and I found the following. It was so funny we had to stop the car on the way back so we could take a picture.. Never let it be said that I ain’t highbrow.

Who knows what tomorrows voyage of discovery will bring. Come back soon to find out.


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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Countdown to The Great Escape

In a break from the norm Mrs Cheesecake and I haven't gone to the cinema today. It's ok, before you ask, we aren't sick. Preparations are currently under way for our road trip. It's been about four years since we have been on a break that hasn't been visiting either of our respective families. I plan to blog a bit while we are away so I'm not going to talk to much about our destination yet.

One of the things we are planning to do is a boat trip so it makes sense that we prepare for this. Turns out it is almost impossible to find an appropriate waterproof jacket that does cost loads of cash. Step forward e-Bay and your much cheapness. After trooping all over town we ended up coming home and purchasing over the web. Town wasn't an entrie washout however. I did manage to end up with three new t-shirts and a new shirt and Mrs Cheesecake purchased a rather spiffing skirt. Take it from me loyal reader trying to get Mrs Cheesecake to buy something for herself is no easy task so I consider this a moral victory.

In other news, I managed to pick up a copy of the Windows 7 release candidate and have installed it on it's own little partition so I can test it out later today. I had a sneaky look last night and I have to say what I have seen so far looks pretty good. Certainly a bit less clunky than Vista.

I feel a mini rant brewing. I'm kinda annoyed at my family. Not Mrs Cheesecake, I mean my family back in the old country. I made a point of e-mailing then and sending text messages and they never get in touch. I have a laptop with a webcam and a Skype account and I never get a video chat. Damn that's pisses me off. Here is an example. Do you know how many times my father has visited me since I moved house four years ago? None. Not once. That is just poor. Don't get me wrong if I meet him in the street tomorrow he would be overjoyed to see me but he memory of a goldfish and forgets that we haven't spoken for ages.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cheesecake Salvation

Cover of "Clash of the Titans"Cover of Clash of the Titans

The weather today was truly fucking atrocious. At one point Mrs Cheesecake and I were in the car and we could hardly see where we were going. Fortunately we go to the flicks so often the car can almost drive itself there. We did get pretty wet and now I'm sniffly but these are the lengths that Team Cheesecake will go to to ensure the films you want to see continue to get watched. I like to think we are providing a public service.

Terminator Salvation is pretty good. Christian Bale is acceptable as John Connor. Anton Yelchin makes for a convincing Kyle Reese and I think Sam Worthington is a name to watch. Role on the Clash of the Titans remake. As frequent readers know (I'm know your out there) I don't like to delve into plots to much. No spoilers round here Mrs! There are a couple of nice nods to previous Terminator movies. The Govenator does make a guest appearance and I reckon there is a good chance it this makes enough money we will see more of the same.

I've heard people say that the films not up to much. McG is not really a massively respected director is he? Probably something to do with dicking around with only one name like Bono or Sting. In saying that I've seen worse. The sound in particular was quite something. At one point my whole body was vibrating due to the amount of bass used.

In other news I heard a rumor the other day that Brian Blessed is potentially going to be in the big screen version of Thor. Specifically playing Odin. I for one think this would be just about fucking perfect. Seriously can you imagine him bellowing "THOR'S ALIVE!!!". Flash Gordon is one of my favorite movies of all time and a lot of that has to do with his work as Prince Vultan.

Well it looks about time for some dinner. I see pizza on the horizon shortly.

Till next time. Dont play with it, it will drop off.

Cheesecake out
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