Saturday, December 17, 2011

This Made My Year

This morning I cracked open my review copy of Hell Train by Christopher Fowler. I've been looking forward to reading it but have managed to hold off starting it because I had other books to read first. Bottom of the first page I saw the following

Mrs Cheesecake will tell you I came over all emotional (I am a big softie really). My little review website is on that page and just look at the other names on there. I was genuinely stunned (still am truth be told).

Here's a link to the original review I wrote of Roofworld.

.....Thats all really, I just wanted to share.


An Extremely Pleased Cheesecake

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Ren Warom said...

Crikey! Well done Good Master Cheesecake! A bit of pure awesomesauce that is. :D